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Here's a recent picture of my 71 R/T. I just finished restoring it after 2 1/2 years. It came to me in a disassembled state with many of the pieces missing. All the wiring harnesses were cut off and thrown away as was the factory AC components. The suspension was so bad that the frame rails had cut into the front splash guards. The carb was gone and so was the pan, windshield, and assorted other parts. But it was a number matching R/T with the original engine (440 HP), tranny (727), and rearend (323 pos) still there. The outer body had been stripped to bare metal and some minor body work already done. But the car was basically rust free.

I removed everything from the underside and either replaced or refurbished the parts. The interior was redone completly as was the engine and transmission. Everything was rechromed and detailed. Even the engine bay and trunk were stripped down to bare metal. Every nut and bolt that came off the car was either clear coated or painted. The exterior was finshed off with the original W3 white with a clear finish coat and the stipe kit and emblems added. New 15" ralley rims, centers, rings replaced the original 14" magnums. It was alot of work but kow I can start to enjoy it! Thanks for letting me share my car with you.


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