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my (2) 1973 dusters. although i am an educator by profession my fabrication and chassis building skills have allowed my to complete both these projects in my home (2,400 sq ft ) shop.

the green car (which i purchased new in 73) is now a full chassis race car. it has strange struts in the front and a 4-link in the rear (strange 9" ford; sorry mopar guys!). it is powered by a koffel 471 bracket motor and a j.w. ultra glide. it is all steel (except the hood and deck) and still sports the original paint! at 2750 lbs the best et is 9.11 / 148.

the blue car is my just finished pro-street 340 duster. i purchased the car in michigan. it has been completely re-done; not restored but built to my personal taste. it is tubed, has a 340 six pack motor and a j.w. full manual 727. with 3.91 gears it runs strong.

both of these cars will appear in "mopar muscle" in the coming months.

john wallauer

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