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member_name: Jim_RabidWolf
year: 1977
make: Dodge
model: D100
79PowerWagon put me up to this, he says there oughta be at least one dog in the pony show :o)
I am the third owner of this truck. The first kept it in pristine condition, his wife sold it at a garage sale for $300 to the second. I traded an 1985 Oldmobile Delta 88 for it. The second owner never washed the truck in the 15 years he owned it (no kidding!), but had three coats of cheap paint shot on it right over the rust. The engine is a 318 2bb (Carter) with a 727 tranny. The drive train is now in excellent condition, with new brake hardware all around. The body is rusted through in all the usual places, including the floorboards which are completely gone with sheet stainless screwed down from inside to replace them. The rockers are in the same shape, having been covered with fibreglass tape. This rusted through as the belt weatherstrip is rotted out of the doors, allowing the continued deterioration. There's more rust than primer in these pictures, but it gives you and idea of the magnitude of the project.