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member_name: Keith W
my pro Street Scooter. Chrysler Powered 100cc Industrial 2 cycle motor bunch of goodies including: 14:1 compression (2 strokes are high) , fully ported intake and exhaust ,my own dual carb intake with carbon fiber reeds, dual carbs , Race Gas( Alky when we go for a record, lol) Nitrous Oxide costum unit,and a 5,500 stall clutch. The motor make 22.1 (per Stuska water brake dyno for karts) hp on the fog and roughly 10 hp naturally. The scooter runs a consistent 8.45-8.50 in the 1/8 th. Yes I have to have full leathers and no I havent dragged it in ... well since I got married last June!!! Keith W Dart373@aol.com
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