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here is my '69 roadrunner convertible . My brother bought the car in '70 from a junk yard . The engine and trans had been stolen and the insurance totaled it out . My brother bought it and installed a '69 hp 383 and correct 4 speed trans. My sister bought the car from him and drove it for two years to Fla. where she was attending college . In the fall of '72 she bought a new Dart Sport and parked the convert behind the barn in the weeds . In the summer of '78 I put a different engine in her and drove it that summer . That fall I bought a new Lil red Express and once again parked the bird out behind the barn . In the mid nineties I finally dragged the car into the barn but the Michigan winters had already taken their toll . In the spring of '99 I finally decided to restore the coyote duster back to its original glory. It has the 383 from my Brother .030 over 2.17 valves balanced and ported . It is backed up by the stock Hurst 4 speed and 3.23 posi rear end. a whole new legendary interior was installed as well as all the chrome pieces were redone, as the elements had removed all the shine . The body work was sent to Eric Kantner to work his magic on the bird. Options include am 8 track , light pkg , exh. tips Road wheels , Air grabber hood , performance hood and lots of sunlight. cliff byington

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