2002 Etown Atlantic Nats

Some visuals... (it's just like being there, ted...!)
2002squaredance.jpg - 144187 Bytes
Hmmmm... is this an online club's tent,
or some sort of perverse, auto-related mosh pit...?

2002gathering.jpg - 131954 Bytes
Yak-yak-yak, eat-eat-eat... don't these guys have a life???
Besides, shouldn't they be sitting in front of a computer talking about cars,
not actually be outside in the sunshine playing with them...?

2002food.jpg - 120256 Bytes
Ah, yes... once again, no one goes away from the Moparts.com tent hungry...
as you can see, this years' fare was good ol' TEXAS BB-Q...!
Yeah, we can spend lotsa $$$, be loud, and do it big up here in N.J. too...

2002carshow.jpg - 130103 Bytes
The annual MANats Moparts.com private car show:
Ira's '69 Coronet 500 Wagon (yes, son - that's a functional Ramcharger under there....)
Erik's '70 Challenger 'Vert (no, it's *still* not for sale...)
dbdartman's '68 Dart Post Sedan (yes, the one with the OD tranny and all that...)
and Alan's '96 Mazda B2300 Pickup... D'OH!!! yup... another year as a poser...

fram.jpg - 43065 Bytes
Tom and GregZ sponsored by Fram - their favorite filter!

chef.jpg - 34219 Bytes
Chef Alan and his Hemi bread knife.

crew.jpg - 38551 Bytes
Left to right: Ira, DBdartman, Tom (Mr Moparts), Erik

johnrr.jpg - 25997 Bytes
From Left: JohnRR caught on camera, GregZ and DB

blown.jpg - 40283 Bytes
Blown, twin-predatored Duster launches

moparts.jpg - 35286 Bytes

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