2003 Moparty
Dean (GTSport340) and Gary (Unlawful)

Gary (Unlawfl)
last count of cars that showed was 43-45 - unofficial!
a-bodies dominated numbers wise with about 18 or so!
maybe 10 e-bodies, maybe 15 b-bodies! all unofficial counts on my part. i was just eyeballing, and i do mean EYEBALLING, it, hopefully unlawful or someone made an official count.
69 1/2 bee, hemi rr, 70 coronet 500 convertible, onebads r/w/b bird, 340 dusters and demons, 440 6 packs, a ta, p-body(a stroked small block in a shadow!!!-runs 8's!?!?)
4-speeds, auto's, r/t's, vitamin-c, plum carzy, a sand pebble rr, a bon fire, zippy bleeding the fender of all it's blue's!(go curtis, go!) a mopar man's delight! i cant remember all i saw!
had a blast!
thanks dean and unlawfl!   SUPERCHARGER

Thanks to DUSTER_340 , peelerboy & QUICKB for the pictures

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Zippy (Rich) Band

Jack Iron's motor home

DartGirl - fan of her car


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