Moparts New England Cruise 2005

From 67SATisfaction - Art Harvey - Cruise organizer

The whole event reinforced for me how it's not just the MOPARS, it's the PEOPLE that make and events like this so great. (OK - GROUP HUG EVERYBODY!)

Awesome pix DrJimi and Nick!
(Nick, now I understand how you could run out of disc-space!)

As loosely as the event was organized it is a tribute to the early arrivers that we got to park together at Hampton.

I'll add my pics of the day -

Enroute from Hampton to Nashua:

I actually got used to seeing this in my rearview mirror!

From Nashua towards Milford on 101:

This is what it's all about...Moparts People! Lunch at Kimball's:

Nice to get the converts in some shade at Kimball's

Gassing up in Jaffrey after lunch; notice the '63 Mercury sedan on the left? There was a 'cute young thing' driving it and her starter crapped out right there. I never saw a more enthusiastic bunch of "helpers" trying to get it running for her. Modernday knights in shining armor?
After 20 minutes of Brian, Rob, Mark, Tim and Mike all banging, pushing and trying to crank the Merc's starter, Tom finally took an interest. He casually walked over, took one look and declared "It's shot. Let's go."... (I added the 'Let's go' part for effect.)

Rob took us out of Amherst via the scenic route - beautiful drive along the CT River.

Our founder; Tom enjoying the highway breeze.

At speed on I-91, Rob leads the pack in his '68 300

A stop for gas and we bid farewell to Mark(KudaKidd) and Brian(NHCharger)

North on Route 8 over the mountains and into VT;

The tired crew at the end of the Cruise. L-to-R; Mike, Tom, Tim and Rob.

Thanks everyone for the pictures

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