BaconFest 2009

My BaconFest 2009 "Thank you" speech.

Hello all to all the Baconfest 2009 attendees and all the Moparters everywhere in the world. I wanted to say a few words to all of you about how well this event came off. If you remember it was almost a year ago when Gary ( Direct Subjection) thought up the idea of doing BaconFest 2009. Since then we have talked, joked, and planned for this event. Well yesterday it all came together as a perfect day of friends, food, fun and of course Mopars!!!!!!!!.

I want to thank each and everyone of you who brought all the generous goodies and helped to no end.

To start off Dan "Big D" and Bev got there very early and helped me set up along with bringing a tent, chairs, food and drink. Bev kept an eye on me and made sure i ate once in awhile and just did not drink all day and pass out in the grease pit that was my cooking station. I will swear Dan must be a long lost relative of mine somehow.

Rico (LO32M8B) brought a full size Webber BBQer and enough tri-tips to feed the whole racetrack and he did just that. More than anyone would every ask him to do, he did! Rico went above and beyond the call of duty yesterday.

Mike "Hustlestuff" started the day off with a tray of Carnitas, salsa, and tortillas. I made breakfast tacos with some hot chrizzo that "Sudsy" from Nova Scotia brought too. The morning spectators loved to so much not a bite was left.

Ken "MowP4rsn" brought an entire stocked bar and ran it all day. Ken you are the "Scotch-man"!!

Herb "Scatpk" gave us some killer bacon wrapped shrimp.

Jim Lusk donated a log of Italian sausage wrapped in bacon. To say it was good was an understatement. The stuff disappeared off the grill as fast as i could cook it.

Arno "B1arno" whipped up a fresh bacon salad on the spot.

Brian "Sharpie" served up some tasty bacon flavored peanut brittle candy.

Fritz "Nutzo Surve" pitched in bags of homemade sausage and fresh filets of fish.

Darius donated some killer Russian vodka and more than enough bacon wrapped chestnuts.

Sandy and his crew from Nova Scotia literally brought a suitcase of beer! Also they drove my bronco up to and back from the show with all our supplies so could take my roadrunner. Thanks to "Chevyboy" for doing the driving duties.

Miguel "Migsbigs" donated buckets of handmade bacon wrapped meat things that looked like they took hours to build. Also Miguel pitched in a grilled while i took a break from time to time.

Cameron aka The Primed One donated a full 1/2 gallon of some delicious micro brewed beer.

One of the most unusual and tasty treats was a tray of bacon flavored cinnamon rolls from Tom "Notenufgarge"

I also got a bottle of Patron Tequila from a Moparters ( sorry i forgot who it was) that lasted about 10 minutes after i opened it.

Gary (Direct Subjection) was like Santa in the flesh. He brought some great stuff like T-shirts a long way from Mr. Moparts himself. Thanks Tom!!!

Now Gary also was more then generous in his gifting with a wonderful vodka bottle and glass set, as well as whipping up some bacon wrapped pineapple skewers. He even presented me with a very cool personalized "Grill Master" trophy with a pig at the top. Oh and Mr. Sizzle a toy stuffed bacon strip. Where does he find this stuff??

Another big thank you to Keith "Racebeeper68" and the entire Wine Country Mopar Club for treating me and all the Moparts gang like family.

The show was perfect and oh did in mention i won "Best of Show" for the roadrunner.

I know i have missed personally thanking so many of you for all the things you brought and helped with. The list of BF 2009 attendees included so many more Moparts i can not even remember them all. So just take my humble apologies if i missed mentioning you but your contributions were most appreciated.

In the end i wanted to say this is best darn bunch of folks i have ever had the pleasure of calling friends. You all are like family a very fun, weird, dysfunctional, goofy and sometimes insane family, but still a wonderful family.

I have 200+ photos to share, Ok here's the photos!!

Stu - MidPenMopar

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