1969 SuperBee

Hello ,My name is Randy Dumont and this is my 1969 SuperBee. I am the third registered owner of this low mileage machine. Origanaly purchased by an elderly lady from Snowden Motors in Kennebunk Me. What kind of salesman did it take to sell a 70 year old lady a sreaming R6 red - white bumblebee stripe - outrageous side scoops , 383 magnum 727 tf 3.23 sg buzzer? Well her great nephew ended up with her entire estate in Kennebunkport - Including the "Red Car" as he put it - inside the garage. He is a great guy - but "just not a car guy" He was doing some work on the large old house and needed to raise some funds - Lets just say I was in the right place at the right time!!! He never even advertised the car-he was tinkering with the idea of bringing the Bee to auction- but didnt have the time to deal with that-so I relieved him of that burden! The car was not perfect when I bought it- but it had much going for it - as only a low milage ,garage kept ,adult owned car could. After freshening the Bee up I returned to K-Port to show him what had been accomplished. He was elated to see the car in that pampered condition! A nice Dodge can even get a non car guys blood pumping !! He said Randy ,before you go ,I found some stuff that goes to the car. He presents me with an enelope containing the window sticker -build sheet- waranty book ,and owners manual along with another set of keys!! Well this is my FAVORITE web site and I would love to have my car archived here Thanks moparts.com!!

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