1970 Cuda Convertible

Here it is my rendition of a 1970 Cuda Convertible, I spent 7 years on restoration and mucho bucks later it's complete. It's not original, it was a 1970 grand coupe. Found this old beater in Pine Level NC. at Steve's Motor Shop while on a fishing trip with a friend while stationed at Jacksonville, NC. I had to ask him every 3 months for about 2 years before he gave in and sold me the rust bucket. It was stored in an open garage and was a condo for mice. Found it in 1986 and purchased it in 1988. Finished the restoration in 1995. It's a 340 4 barrel cuda automatic. Took her down to the frame and brought her back to life. Every nut and bolt from nose to tail is new. Every part has been cleaned repainted and or replaced. All brake lines are stainless. Engine rebuilt by my friend who runs the NAPA machine shop in Bloomington IL. My friend Mark Drane performed the welding, body and paint restoration. He is a genious!! It's definitely better than new. She is sweet!!! Only goes to the Ice cream shop on Sundays. Mike A. Gonzalez

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