73 Dodge Van

'73 Dodge Van

This is my '73 Dodge Van. I put it together in different cities while I was on the road with my band. I originally bought it to carry my equipment and found I didn't need it for that purpose. So I took it on the road with me and built it up as I went along. I bought the van for $425 in North Carolina( where I'm from), and had it painted in Derry, PA. It is '96 Viper Yellow. The transmission was done in Independence, MO. in '96. The engine came last in South Padre Island, Texas, where I live now. (Actually, the engine came from Brownsville.) It came originally from a '70 Challenger, that the guy took out to put in a Hemi. So I found it in the local auto trader for $500. Please use as many pictures as you can. It would be an honor to be on your site!!!!! Thank You!!!


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