1965 Chrysler Valiant Wayfarer

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I thought it was about time I added a car from our family (my brother and myself) collection. It is one of Australia's most original AP6 utes (utility vehicle). These were based on our American cousin's Plymouth (Valiant/Barracuda) front sheet metal. They are extremely rare nowadays in Australia with a total production run of less than 4,500 units from February 1965 - March 1966, which makes them very sought after nowadays in any condition. This particular vehicle did not need anything apart from a wash and a vacuum. I wish all cars we buy could be like that.

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This particular vehicle is a 1965 Chrysler Valiant Wayfarer (AP6 - Australian Production) Utility. It had One previous owner, who only used the vehicle for shopping and was never used for farm work, in which it was intended for. Its a 225 Slant Six with three speed manual gearbox. Only option is an exterior mirror. The Ute does not have Windscreen washers, seatbelts or even a cigarette lighter. Car will be fitted (very shortly) with a very, very rare Mopar "Picnic" radio, which sits in a cradle underneath the dash and simply pulls out, so the driver can listen to the radio whilst he is out of the car, a very very expensive option in 1965. The previous owner desperately wanted to get the "picnic" radio as an option in 1965, but his wife would not let him, due to the hefty price tag. I thought after 40 years I would add one as a "tribute" to the previous owner.

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My brother and I had been looking for a rust free AP6 Ute for over 12 years before we found this one and only had to drive approx. 200 miles to get it. Talk about luck!

Hope you like the pics. Happy MoParing, Adam , Australia

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