1973 Dart Sport

Here are a few pics of my 1973 Dart Sport. Years ago I had one but was forced to sell it. It was a nums matching (and I''m not really into all that nums matchin stuff) 4 speed 340 Dart Sport that I bought in Pennsylvania. My wife and I both were crazy about that car!! Everything was perfect and everything worked...it was pristine!! I told her after being forced to sell it that we would have another....and a better one at that! So here it is nine years later, we have an absolutely stunning 73 Dart Sport with a FIERCE 340. The Black paint looks wet all the time. It was done with teh best of everything. Details of the engine will be held until I knock off a couple of my GM buddies in the spring. They have been talking alot of crap. hope you idg it as much as my wife and I do. All I was waiting for was the right Sport and I actually just happened upon this car. It was meant to be mine!

Darryl Bliss , N.W. Indiana

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