74 Charger

It's a 74 Charger. A 440 stroked out to 500 CID. Has a BDS 871 blower on it and to 1200 cfm Hollies. 10% OD right now. A tricked out 727 auto and a Ford 9" with 3:89 gears(spool), tubbed and narrowed.. Junk in the trunk is custom made fuel cell and battery boxes. I got about 42g's in the engine and it just rocks. 0 to 160 mph is no problem on pump gas. 3" stacks... sounds good open headers. Needs wheelie bars because is just stands up if ya just nail it. What a blast!

Dave Brockway, Ransomville, NY

When I finished the last part...putting the engine back together and fired it up. My god! What a monster. Junk started falling off the shelves in my garage.(open 3" headers) I pulled it out on the driveway.. did a little tweaking and let it warm up. Then put it in gear... a light tap on the gas... got the Holy **it ride of my life. It stood right up.. instant tunnel vision. Feeding it with portable 5 gallon cans I figured this pig drinks 3.5 gallons an hour at idle. I know the previous owner had runs of 0-160 mph in 12.x sec. And he did take it up to 200 mph on a country Rd around here. I hope to put it on the road this summer :)

This picture is the car stuffed in my shop. Also dressed up as a gag for the local Sheriffs. aka my get-a-way car.

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