1966 Barracuda

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Here's some pictures of my 1966 Barracuda that I bought NEW in early 1966. Being of modest means at the time, despite my desire for a hot Formula S 4-speed, I had to special order this car - speciall UN-equipped. The ONLY options were heavy duty suspension & padded sun visors. It was as plain Jane as a car could be: /6, three on the tree, radio delete, dark green/black interior (I tried to order the white interior, but they would not put white in a dark green car - don't ask me why). I had the car painted and put in a radio + 8 Track about 10 years ago & about 8 years ago I took out the /6, built it up some with a 4 barrel carb, cam & headers and added a tach and 14" Rallye wheels. Then in 1997(?) I took out the /6 & put in a 340 and a 4-speed that I hooked up to a 3.91 8 3/4 Sure Grip. I put the battery in the trunk to clean up the engine compartment. The original interior is in great shape. In 1999 I picked up a junk hood at the MOPAR Nationals and added a six pack scoop. I drive it regularly to cruise ins and make the annual pilgrimage to the Nationals, although the 3.91 gear is a little much for expressway driving. It's not a show car, but it's a hell of a lot of fun. I've still got the window sticker ($2,556), build sheet, owner's manual, certicard, and several issues of Cuda Capers that were mailed to new Barracuda owners.
Mark R. Koenig Park Hills, Ky


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