68 Slant Six Charger

This is my first car. I bought it on 1/31/81 from the original owner. It was pretty banged up. The left quarter was bashed into the trunk and it seemed like there were a million other dents. I was in tech school for auto body at the time. So we just the cut the quarter off and straightened it the best we could and put it back on. At that time there were no parts. So you just had to make due. Some of the stuff I needed came from a local junkyard where they had a 69 RT/SE 440 disc brake car I would get stuff from. (Can you imagine? And I remember that car not being that bad until they picked it up from the roof with a huge fort lift.)

What can you say about a 255 that hasn't already been said? This car starts and goes every time and I've only ever had the valve cover off one time to adjust the valves the entire time I owned it. The car is pretty rusty and needs a lot of work. I hope to be able to have it done someday. In the mean time I do what it takes to keep it running and on the road. Even though it is slow it is a blast to drive. The only thing I hate is when kids in their little tuner cars pull up and want to race. Usually I laugh they get insulted and drive away. If they only knew why I was laughing they wouldn't be insulted. Remember it is not how fast you go, but how long you last.

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