1962 Dodge Phoenix


Year: 1958
Size: 392 Hemi
Over Bore: 40 thou
Compression ration: 8:1
Cam Shaft: USA Howard’s Racing Street & Strip Blower Cam
Crank & Rods: Standard 392
Induction: Twin 600 vacuum secondary Holley
B&M 671 Supercharger
Weiand Blower Manifold
The total induction set up from manifold to carburetion was setup by renowned engine builder, Russel Jones, Gold Coast Queensland.
This engine ran an 8 1/2 lbs boost, under driven and clearance for the street, ran a 1/4 mile time at Willowbank in full street trim, a best of 12.1 at 116 mph. This was my first drag race and the Dodges debut on the strip.
In February we plan to run the Dodge 1:1 with 10 1/2 lb boost and see what we can come up with, being mindful that I still only have a standard 8 3/4 open centre 323 rear end. (meaning, One wheel spinning and NO Traction)

Cylinder Heads:

Chrysler 392 with a clean up and stainless steel valve with 3 angle cuts.
Exhaust: Twin 3 inch mandrill bend stainless with stainless edlebrock mufflers


Type of Gearbox: 727 Torque flight auto (small block) with alloy adaptor plate with a B & M Pro Ratchet with full manual shift kit
Stall: 2500
Builder: Bob Grant, Brisbane.


At present runs a 1962 standard 8 3/4 with open centre and a 323 gear ratios.
Long term goal, a Moser Dana 60 with a nodular iron case from the USA with 4:11 and a mini spool with 31 spline billet axles.

Wheel & Tyres:

Front: 15x5 195
Back: 15x10 60 series


Front- Disc Conversion kit by Rod Hadfield


Seats: Original 1962 Phoenix
Steering Wheel: Original reconditioned Pearl coated
Sound System: Pioneer Competition System
Speakers: Front 2 x 6 inch with twin tweeters
Back 2 x 8 inch
Boot twin 10 inch subs with twin 600 watt amps

Warren & Rachel

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