1970 Plymouth Satellite

I’ve been a member of the moparts forum since 2007 when I purchased my 1970 Plymouth Satellite. The site and those helpful members who replied to my many questions about how to do certain things or where to find parts, have been very helpful as I’ve rebuilt the car. It took me (and it is never done) seven years, a lot of hard work and patience, help from friends and family, but I rebuilt the 318 c.i., put in a new gas tank, dash, interior, trunk floor, windshield, brakes, wheels, tires, had the tranny rebuilt and just recently made the biggest decision to replace the rear quarters, deck panel, tail panel, outer wheel housings and have the car totally cleaned of all paint and primer (it had already been painted three times so we started over…right, by taking everything down to metal). It has all new metal from the doors back. Along the way, my Dad passed away and I almost gave up, but with help from my Father-in-law and friends, she’s looking pretty good.

It has the original 318 with a 904 torque flight tranny, auto, was an a/c car, but I removed all that. I’m a NASCAR fan and was tired of the previous color (the color it had when I purchased it… orange) so it is now Chrysler “super” blue (Petty Blue) with hot rod (matte) black hood and tail panel.

I really am thankful for the help I’ve received on Moparts.com. It has made this rebuild much easier. You have a great group of folks who are members and willing to offer help and advice!

Chris Niehaus (RoadrunnerCN on the forum)
Northern Kentucky

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