1969 Dodge Super Bee

1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee Clone (Wanna Bee)

Born with a Slant six, auto on column, bench seat, 7 1/4 rear, 9" drums, Teal Green ext. w/white vynil top & white interior...

Bought on Ebay 2 1/2 years ago for $620.00 and ferried over from Long Island sporting a tired 318/auto. Someone had painted parts of it Dull Dukes Orange...

Fast forward 2 years: she's got new skins inside and out, fresh 440source.com 496 stroker internals, topped with one of the first pairs of new Mopar aluminum wedge heads and a not so needed Performer RPM, 727 w/ 166k econo converter, 800cfm edelbrock, fiberglass 4bbl/ six pack-lookin base from Hybrid-fiberglass-solutions.com, 3:23 Posi. 8 3/4 rear, new bumpers, R4 paint...

Last year at LVD, 1st & only time at the track, lined up next to Mopar Actions Project Savvy Savoy, she ran a 12.3 @105 spinning 1st, & slippin the 2-3 shift on 235/75/R15's (I know, why bother). She's now wearing M/T 275/60 Street Drag Radials comfortably mounted on 1978 ramcharger 15x8's. I've since replaced the Performer RPM with the tried & true TM-7.

At last count, i've got about $14k into it. Can't afford the real thing. As you can see on my plate, I don't try to hide that it's a clone. I beat the snots out of it every chance I get. I'll drive it to LVD again this fall just as i did last year, no trailers thank you. It just needs a 69 charger dash frame to be complete.

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