1968 Dodge Dart

She's is a 68 dodge dart back halved in about 1996 to race in our street race series were it ran 8.36 with a 547 and gas. The owner moved on to pro mod so it saw action with a few owners until I bought it as a replacement for my 68 coronet.

It came as a roller so we installed a roller power glide 440 with worked 906 heads, 2 speed power glide and it already had a 9 inch with 4.56 gears. I am heavily influenced by your new york street racers so I had it painted black to try and make it appear as a normal muscle car. it is now street legal and I am very pleased with the car but its best at the track has only been 11.6@127 with 2.0 60ft times so slicks will be the next step. we dont have as big a scene in this country so your site helps a lot thanks and could you please put in a thank you to Dave Mcbride for the photos.
Tufty, UK

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