Volare Pro Stock

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I purchased a Volare Pro Stock car that the chassis was built by Don Carlton. The car was finished in 1980 for Ed Lukas with intentions to run NHRA Pro Stock and was first fit with a W-2 engine and later when NHRA let the small inch Hemi back it was fit with a 455 inch Hemi. When I purchased the car it was never raced and was in storage since finished because Eds buisness spoilled his racing. I have a picture of it in Carltons chassis shop about half finished and since purchased have painted the car blck with a gold pin stripe,the car has all gold annodize tin and the rims are gold annodized to. I am fitting the car with a W-8 motor 337 cubic inch and a automatic it still has the ramcharger rear end. It will be all race ready within a couple months and I have lots of new technology with good old Carlton knowledge all in one package. Kevin Lisk

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