Cudas, Cudas, Cudas

Nice website, love the challengers photos but no CUDA??? Not a complete site without a cuda :-)
This is my 1973 Cuda now with a 1991 krate motor 360....if you post it, I'll send 100 emails to my friends to visit your site...hahaa
Rusty from Austin, Texas

Hi,,these are pics of my 70 cuda 440-6, It was a 383 car, but when I got it, it was just a hull, this is it after a lotta work (and money) LOL,, I live in Biloxi, Ms

Hello. I would like to show you my car. It´s a 71 Cuda with a 340 and 727. I live in Sweden so I don´t drive that much because the gas cost 1 dollar per litre. This summer I drove 1500km. But I like ´my car a lot. Urban

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