71 Dodge Demon 340

A few pictures of my 71 Dodge Demon 340. I purchased the car during the summer of 97. The original intent was to be a daily driver. But, after getting the car, I just couldn't pass up restoring it. It came to me with the original #'s engine. It had 101,000 miles on it and three cracked pistons (from too much play). It had an amatuer paint job and a dry rotted interior. But the body was VERY solid. I completely disassembled the car and spent the winter and most of this last summer restoring it and rebuilding/restoring the engine. I feel pretty good about my first restoration project (others cars I have gotten has primarily been detail finishing). I did my best to restore it back to original. It is Y3-Citron Yella with black/bucket interior. It came loaded with options, such as... dual hood scoops with black hood treatment and hood pins, go-wing, floor mounted stereo cassette player and stainless moulding treatment. I must say, that it is an absolute BLAST to drive. It's been a real attention getter. My first show with the car was HOT ROD magazine's power festival tour show at Gateway Raceway by St. Louis, Mo, which it won a Top 50 award of excellence. I especially feel good about this award, since most of the cars there were chromed up, tubbed out, highly graphic painted cars! Alan Weller - alanw@karmak.com Illinois

71 Deamon

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