68 Charger

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Hi, I thought I would send a couple of pics and a short story about our car. We found it in a field about 15 miles from our house. I had been looking for a 68 for many years and found none to the liking. It was sitting on 4 flats and had a gray tarp covering it. It had been painted, but never finished. My wife and I took it home and started work. My shop is full of junk, so the wife let me do my work in our garage. It took about 10 months and allot of money and time. We pulled the 440 and freshened it up with a new cam and gaskets and a set of 915 heads and hooker headers. (I could not get the manifolds to stop leaking) We put disk breaks on it and rebuilt the front end. I went through the rear. its a 489 case with 3:55 gears. In 4th gear it is very strong, and it likes to run fast on the freeway. I have a friend that covered the seats, his wife made the covers, and they look better then the stock covers. It is a driver, and we do go to shows with it, However it is not a show car. I do have some plaques, but we have fun just driving it. We love your web site, keep up the good work.

Hugh: moparts user name - hwp

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