Lime Green

A couple friends and I at the mopar nationals... My BEE is the first in line.. Built 383, Original Sub-Lime, Black bucket seat, go wing car.

Gotta love those MOPARs..... Tom Carr

74 Road Runner GTX

Greetings from a fellow CT Mopar owner, This is my first attempt at a muscle car restoration, I bought the car in march of '98, it was pretty rusted and needed new interior, but it ran great and is a factory A/C car, so here it is after numerous new items: complete new frontend w/polygraphite, TTI exhaust, gas tank, brakes, shocks, seat covers, carpet, package tray and door panels, all from Legendary Auto, and of course new quarters and trunk floor and other rust repair. The car finally received 8 coats of paint followed by 4 coats of clear, all done by Plymouth Auto in Terryville. The only show I was able to make was Lime Rock on Labor Day weekend and even though the car was not 100% (some emblems not installed and no radio yet) the car got a lot of looks. I will be there on Memorial Day and other CT shows, I live in Torrington. Great Website and thanks for you time, Scott

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