Older But Real Nice

AKA "Mopurr" (plates not on in this pic)
66 Newport Pics

This is my 1960 Aqua Mist Fury identicle to one that my parents gave me for graduation in 1960.It has 318 power ,power steering,swiveel seats and dual exhuast.Also only 40000 miles.Thanks Jim Hayes,Paris,Tenn.

Hey all, Alot of you have seen my 66 Plymouth Belvedere convertible, but for those who haven't, check out my page at: http://homepage.mac.com/slandon
Also, check out my buddies awsome 65' Cuda survivor car! Steve

My 68'sport fury the car has a 360 in it right now which i will be pullng to put in a 383 commando this winter,I am the 3rd owner of it and bought it in the way it sits right now exept for the centerlines i added if ya wanna know more about ti go to
Dave, Sportfury davemckill@hotmail.com

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