1971 Plymouth `Cuda Convertible

My name is Ole Andreas Jensen.I come from Norway, Scandinavia. I own a 1971 Plymouth `Cuda convertible BS27N1B197881. I bought my `Cuda for 1 year ago and it was partial restored. Since then I have spent most of my time and in my garage to complete the resto and my ragtop was ready for the road some days ago. I am very satisfied with the result and almost every part is restored or rebuilt with new orginal parts but I still need a pair of roadlamps and orginal Body colored Racing Mirrors and some minor parts.

My Cuda is powered with the orginal 383 4bbl SuperCommando engine, Transmission is TF A-727 aut.transm and rear end is a 8 3/4inch with 3.23:1 and Sure Grip. This is a reare car and only 87 `Cuda convertibles where produced with this engine,transmission combination in 1971. My car is also orginally heavy loaded with many options. Color is same as orginal and it is "Autumn Bronze Metallic".

There are many beautiful Mopars from the yester years here in Norway and Scandinavia. There are also many big car meetings and show from early spring to the late autumn.
With best regard
Ole Andreas Jensen from Haugesund, NORWAY ragnhild.drange@rl.telia.no

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