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64 Dodge A-100 Pickup, Moter 440 big block 13s @ 102mph, painted yellow now, has 17in rear tires 5in wide frt tires, and its not and wasn't a van
Dennis Levan

photo by Bob Johnson Photography
We bought the car last year with a tired 360. It has always been a race car. Started as a stocker and moved up to super stock in the late 80's. There is a picture of the car as a stocker on page 84 in the Direct Connection Suspension book. The engine is the original block. This picture was taken in May this year in Sacramento - our first race ever. The car qualified 25 out of 62 car field with a 10.57 (11.30 index) @ 125.25 mph and 60' of 1.39. The car spun hard and went to the right on this pass -- should've run 10.49 or better. After this was taken, the car went to Phil Mandella for chassis tuning and now goes straight. Currently we're upgrading the ignition system and going to use 3-step header. Our plan is to have one of the fastest J cars' around and able to run down and beat Fletcher. I will be racing him at Phoenix this November. The engine uses Ross pistons(9:1), Scat "H" beam rods, K-Motion cam, Victor Jr. intake, and Real trick heads. Trans is a 904 with 2.72 first gear, 6K converter, and trans brake. Rear suspension is ladder bar with a nodular 9" carrying 5.43 gears and 4 wheel wilwood brakes. Is this enough? I can gone on for long time - We're very excited with the way this car is coming around!
Eric & Linda Voigt SS/JA #722

This is my 70 RoadRunner.All steel,all motor,all mopar.Best e.t.10.44 @128.4mph.Bought it in Daytona 11 years ago with cracked 440.Restored for street then wanted to go a little faster. Rick West Palm Fl.

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