68 Dart GTS Conv

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the car is a 68 dart gts conv it was bought by robert mooney (aka tach) in 1970.
tach knew he wanted more so in 1972 he started to pro street the car .this is one of the first pro street cars ever built,he took out the 340 and put in a kb hemi. the car has been in many different magazines over the years, hot rod ,car craft , hot rodding , custom rodder , street freaks , mustang and mopar, cover car for Chrysler power magazine and even in a book customs cars by norman barrett. robert sold the car and it fell off the face of the earth and into disrepair, two owners stripped this outrageous car and left it for dead. mike devee came along and bought the car and started the resto on it but could not finish it . about a year ago i got the car and started were mike left off , its 95% done and coming on strong, i kept in touch with mike and i also called robert mooney for help with the car they both like what they see. thanks again tony harlin

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