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my 66 Hemi Coronet

Sometimes the Stars Just Line Up

Having owned a few Moparís back in the 60ís & 70ís, Iíve always had a sustained love for them and a keen desire to own one again. Last fall I started browsing the net for a 67 GTX/440 car. I found several but few that qualified for my insatiable desire for perfection. One was in Montreal, a beautiful Hemi car. The 125US price tag was too deep for me. One evening on a phone conversation w/a cousin in Calgary, himself a serious Mopar Man mentioned a 66 Coronet in Edmonton. It was listed on Kijiji which was the only venue that I hadnít checked. Knowing that the 66 Coronet 440 was often referred to as the ugly duckling of the much-honored Mopar line-up I reviewed the ad. It didnít take me long to realize that this car was an exceptional example of the always runner up in the Mopar Beauty pageants.

A call to the owner Paul Wozny of Edmonton soon enlightened me to the special provenance of this car. I quickly realised I was talking to a very honest man that truly loved his car. Also given that it was half the price of the GTX in Montreal, my interest increased. After much dialogue with Paul, Terry Kramer the original builder and a few cool dudes from the Edmonton Mopar Association I quickly realized that this was no ordinary 66 car.

This is 1 of 160 Coronet 440 A-833 4spd cars produced by Chrysler-Dodge in this first introductory year of the ultimate legendary 426 street hemi. The icing on the cake is the meticulous restoration that she recently received by long time owner Terry Kramer of Sicamous BC. Terry personally spent 4000 hrs bringing her back to her original glory and then some. All panels are flawlessly straight, a new interior was installed along with a NOS 200kph speedo cluster. The new Dana 60 Sure-Grip was shortened 2Ē to better accommodate the wheel/tire clearance. Disk brakes were added to all four corners. When Mopar Performance introduced the de-stroked fire breathing 572 monster, the previous stroker 548 was quickly replaced with this new higher HP version. The new 572 was complimented with a 65 Race Hemi Cross Ram Magnesium intake with two 600 Holleyís feeding the fuel to the 650 hp beast. Other amenities include a Ď65 bellhousing and 67 hood to accommodate the cross ram. A new 3Ē mandrel built cross-over exhaust system would ensure that the oversized elephant could pass gas with relative ease.

I would be remiss if I didnít thank and honor the following people for their passion and commitment.

ē Terry Kramer, legendary Canadian Super-Stock racer for purchasing the car from an oil field worker back in the early 70ís, storing the car for many years ultimately restoring it to the example of perfection that it is today.

ē Allan Wack, of AB Chrysler for buying the car and using it as a compliment to the new SRTís and Demons in their showrooms.

ē Paul Wozny of Edmonton for recognizing the rarity of this car and his consistent pursuance to finally purchase this car ultimately selling it to me.

While I didnít find the GTX I was searching for I am ecstatic and even happier with this car. The Mopar Gods mustíve been watching as the stars lined up and I became the proud new owner of this stunning example of Mopar history. We are all just temporary custodians. Who knows where and when her next pit stop will be? One thing is certain, she will be enjoyed and admired for many generations to come. Thanks to the dedicated vision, foresight and commitment of the gentlemen mentioned above.

Linden Johnson


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