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1973 Brasilian Dart
All Brasilian dart´s came with a 318 engine and a 2bbl carburator. It´s not a 440 or 426 but was the biggest engine ever produced in our country!
Fernando Marassi

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From Vienna,Austria (Europe). My son and i like your site and we please you to put fotos from our fish to the Mopars around the world section - Günther Kargl - More Pictures Here

I am sending you picture of my mopar making little burnout.
I am from Czech Republic and the car is `69 Valiant. It is a slant 6 car with 3 speed so making the burnout is little tricky :-) In the background you can see my `65 Dodge Dart GT that I bought recently and am planning to completely restore and hot rod it. It has 273V8 and auto on the floor. I would be most gratefull if you placed the picture on your site best wishes from europe

It's a 1969 charger. I bougth it via a friend in Boulder, Co. (he drove it to Jacksonville for the boat to the Netherlands). It has a vinyl roof (white) and the interior is original and in excellent condition. The body is completely restored and repainted with the color verte fluorite (color of peugeot). Matching numbers. 318 engine, dual exhausts, carter 4 barrel and edelbrock performer intake manifold. Chrome wheels. regards, jaap

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It's a Australian Charger R/T that I've imported here to the states ( Southern California) It's a 265" Hemi with the six-pack ( triple webers ) the car is still right-hand-drive, and gets a great reaction here from everyone that has seen it. just about everyone has no idea what the car even is, but still has the " Chrysler " look to it alot of people have noticed. The car is a strong runner, and I get alot of people who can't beleive that it's only a six cylinder ! Until i lift the hood, and show them the engine and all the carbs on it. When i sent the car here, I also sent along an extra engine, which I'm building now and should be in the 320 horsepower range ,which was'nt too much for that engine, only a bit more than stock. Jeff

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Here's my 1980 Chrysler Newport with a 360 engine and showclass interior. The car is restored to prime conditions and is used only in the summertime, I live in Finland you see...

The R&S Series Valiant Car Club Of N.S.W Inc.
All Chryslers Day
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This is my 1972 model VH Charger. It had a 265 Hemi with a 4 speed transmission. It's official colour was HEMI ORANGE. It had a black interior and ROH wheels. Originally it came with a 215, drum brakes all round and a column shift 3 speed.

Jensen Automotive U.K. - chrysler powered


Heres me and my car. Its a 1973 Chrysler Valiant Charger VJ 770. I picked it up in the south island (New Zealand ) in December and have since been fixing it up. Its nearly finished now. The engine in the car is a 265 HEMI. It has a set of headers that were added to it professionally after it was made. I was suprised to find hardly any other Valiant Chargers on the internet. -
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